As the legal industry reflects on a devastating fortnight in which two major consumer focussed law firms and a consumer litigation funder went under, Quanta Law continue to prove there is a blueprint for success.

The Cheadle based law firm continues to champion access to justice for consumers and is ready for further growth in a week where several major industry players exited the market.

Within the space of a few days, news emerged of Pure Legal Limited and Hampson Hughes going into administration leaving hundreds of clients and staff in limbo.  This was followed later in the week with the news that Affiniti Finance, a leading consumer litigation funder, had also entered into administration.

In complete contrast, Quanta Law continues its success story with further growth. The firm, which helped recover millions for their clients last year, are backed by ME Group who provide litigation funding and LegalTech services.

The ME Group’s proprietary LegalTech automates due diligence and underwriting of volume consumer disputes and enables Quanta Law to focus on representing clients, as well as supporting it in providing an efficient and successful customer journey.

Jonny White, CEO of the firm, commented:

‘Seeing a fellow law firm go under, is not something any of us want, as we’re all fighting for the same thing – to right wrongs for vulnerable consumers.

We want to reassure clients that if they are concerned about their case in any way, they can get in contact with us via

We specialise in financial mis-selling and our staff have many years of experience helping clients recover redress in complex disputes.

Our firm has seen rapid growth and we have excellent systems and processes in place to deal with new cases at volume.  With the support of litigation funding from ME Group there is no limit to our ability to represent consumers.

We invite contact from representatives of consumers who are now looking for legal representation for their clients as a result of recent market developments.  We’ve recovered millions to change people’s lives for the better. Our excellent reporting and dedicated relationship manager mean we can ensure you and your clients always have someone on your side.’